The Wisdom of Your People is the Source of Your Success


WisdomSource Technologies was founded in the early nineties as a thinktank to:

  1. Clarify the role of Information Technology in Organizational Governance and Management
  2. Define the Knowledge Management industry and software's role within it
  3. Create a complete Knowledge Management software solution to command and control a culture of human resource development aligned to overall corporate success. This occurs through continuous innovation and maximization of each individual role's intellectual property united with individual contentment.

A happy employee is a productive employee, so with this in mind, WisdomSource created the Knowledge Management Maturity Model ("K3M").

Started in New York City, a couple of New York University business school graduates spent years putting together a highly eclectic team of business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, academics and government professionals with intensive training and experience in the most advanced management techniques, technology strategy implementation, corporate visioning capabilities and organization of knowledge, both ontological and phenomenological. WisdomSource is a model for a capitalistic bridge to a larger world vision of a peaceful and productive interdependence of nations through an understanding of a corporation's role in human and global development.

WisdomSource provides software and/or consultants for the benefit of your organization, so as to make, "The Wisdom of Your People the Source of Your Success."

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